Hi. I'm Denise

I believe that the quality of your relationships directly impacts your ability to THRIVE and live a FULFILLING life. I work with both couples and individuals, helping them turn their relationship pain and confusion into a source of deep and meaningful connection.

As your relationship coach I care about really getting what it’s like to be you and what your deepest desires are moving forward. Holding your vision, I’ll support and challenge you to find and speak your truth and to reach for what you most desire. I’ll also help you break down any barriers or limiting beliefs that are in the way—in order for you to expand into the fullest expression of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 

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The people I work with are experiencing profound and life transforming results.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

I have been working with Denise through the most challenging time in my life. Throughout this time there has been so much to wade through and Denise has guided me with grace and compassion while also holding me accountable and challenging me to dive deeper at the right time. She is an intuitive listener and has helped me to laser focus when it’s appropriate. I have found incredible resources within myself and I’m learning to access those resources with strength and resilience. I value her approach and her innate ability to hold space for me no matter how complicated the issue or dynamic I bring forth. I am deeply grateful to be working with Denise and would absolutely recommend her as a Relationship Coach. Thank you Denise for so beautifully supporting me.
— Jamie G, Development Director, Idaho - Married
After being married for 18 years, we knew we had a lot of strengths in our relationship and we also knew there were places that felt stuck and vulnerable. Working with Denise has created a sense of safety to explore the raw and messy parts, which has allowed both of us to better understand ourselves in order to show up as more available partners. We both feel truly seen and heard by Denise and her level of attunement is remarkable. She has an amazing ability to slow us down and guide us to fully lean into the uncomfortable places, which has supported a deeper level of integration. She offers thoughtful and concise feedback in a caring manner that promotes self-reflection and encourages new insights about ourselves and each other. We truly appreciate Denise’s wisdom, her warm and grounded presence and her investment in us on our journey toward deeper connection.
— Kim & Matthew, Oregon - Married
Denise can really bring it! She has a capacity to hold all of my baggage and fears as a client, no matter how big or scary. As someone who has difficulty trusting that others can hold my experience, this is huge for me. I am able to show up fully as myself, with all of my victim stories, and be held in a safe space to process my emotional entanglements. The depth of care that I feel during my sessions with Denise is profound. She has an ability to guide me through my old stories while remaining steadfast in translating them to the here and now. The tone of her voice is so soothing and grounding that it helps me stay rooted in my body while I’m traveling into the caverns of my feelings. This is true healing; felt experience in the present moment. Being a coach myself, Denise is a great model for how to show up in a strong, compassionate way while trusting that the client is whole and resourceful. I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned in my sessions with Denise, as a person and a coach.
— Brendan M, Relationship Coach, Vermont - Single/Dating
I worked with Denise for 4 months. She coached me during a challenging time as a single mom of 2 teens AND newly dating after divorce. Denise was so very present with me, compassionate, nurturing, and asked necessary hard questions to help me grow. After working with Denise, now when a brand new and unexpected challenge arises, which happens frequently, I feel myself being able to get in touch with my feelings more clearly, and having the courage to navigate the challenge compassionately, speak my truth with clarity, and progress forward with integrity. Thank you Denise for helping me learn to process through challenges with more clarity, leadership and grace. I highly recommend relationship coaching with Denise.
— Amy H, Wellness and Integrative Nurse Coach - Single/Dating
We hired Denise during a recent All Staff Training. Denise made learning about listening and giving and receiving feedback in the workplace truly approachable and fun. She created a space with our team that felt safe and brought us out of our shells to practice together in a meaningful, productive way. If you’re looking for someone who can really connect the dots across your team, Denise is that person.
— Jamie L, Director of Marketing, Wisconsin